About GL Design Studio

Greg LaRock - Gl Design Studio | Residential & Commercial Architect

GL Designs, Inc. was established in 1976 and incorporated in 1979 for the purpose of providing architectural services for a wide range of building types. The office of GL Design Studio is located in the downtown Littleton.


GL Designs believes the design process is a team process. The team, including the owner, supporting consultants and the architect, is established early in the process. Then the team, from its inception, defines the client’s needs with the client. Project economics are reviewed early in the process in order to establish project budget. The design team uses the established budget and other client/user’s needs to formulate the design concepts that are later formed into reality.


Besides the team process, GLD subscribes to the approach that the principal of the firm be the team leader throughout the process. To understand more fully the client’s needs and desires, it is important to establish and maintain communication throughout the duration of the project. We have purposefully structured the size of the firm to maintain this personal contact consistent through all phases. This approach helps in guarding against erroneous assumptions or decisions. This direct control of projects also provides for a constant monitoring of schedules and monetary constraints.


The varying demands for architectural services in the Denver and surrounding communities has been represented at GLD in numbers of staff. I have grown comfortable and skilled at interviewing and procuring staff to meet this fluctuating demand.


GLD is an aggressive firm with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to devote to each project. We fully understand our fundamental responsibility is to deliver, to our clients, a well designed building, which fulfill the clients’ needs and is accomplished within the allocated budget and time frame.




“Home of the Year” award, Morrison Residence, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine, 2002.


“Architect’s Choice Award”, Energy Efficient, 1st Place, LaRock Residence, Colorado Chapter of the American Institute of Architects & Rocky Mountain News, 1999.


“Silver Award”, Overall Architectural Excellence, LaRock Residence, Stucco Manufacturers Association, 1996.

“Professional Leadership and Distinguished Service Award”, Denver Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, 1989.

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